Saturday, 21 February 2009

Crafting with the Grandkids

Well had the Grandchildren over today so now I'm left with a craft room that looks like a bombs hit. Had to make a robot with Elliot first of all out of cardboard boxes Pringle tubes and kitchen paper rolls. Then it was Jessica's turn and she decided she wanted to created some "different" shaped cards (wonder where she got that from?) without any help from me. So I left her to it and prayed that my best stash was still there when I got back in there. Well she really enjoyed herself so it was worth the mess and proves that she has the makings of a true crafter. She asked me to put them on my blog so here goes.

This one is two triangular shaped cards stuck together, with a bit of tweeking I think this could work. Watch this space.


  1. oh pat , they take after their nan .. they are all beautiful. but that double triangle ..yes, that could be a fab one re invented. Tell them both , they are fantasic crafters .. better watch my back. and you your stash.

  2. well how lovely Are these cards, and what a great way to spend the day

  3. Hi Pat, I just love your Grandchildrens cards please tell them they are very talented.
    I would put a lock on your craft room door. lol


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