Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tuesday Taggers - Out of your comfort zone

Hi there bloggers.  Well it's time for another challenge from Tuesday Taggers and this week the theme has been set by our fantastic teamie Sally and she wants you to create out of your comfort zone.  So now's your chance to try something new or perhaps just try a different style, the possibilities are endless.  Maybe you've always fancied trying quilling,  parchment craft or perhaps decoupage is new for you. If your style is cute perhaps you might like a bit of distressing or maybe you might like to have a go at scapbooking or journalling.  Just a few suggestions, I'm sure you'll think of something you'd like to try out.
Well after seeing her had the NEC and on C&C I invested in Barbara Grays, DVD's and a few stamps.  So I decided it was time to give creating reflections using a brayer a go.  Here is my very first attempt.  I know there is room for improvement and I'm definately not in Barbara's league but it's not bad for a first time or is it?  Please let me know what you think.

Looking forward to checking out your creations and have fun.
Pat xx


  1. Wow Pat this is stunning, you would not think it was your first attempt.The reflection looks

  2. Pat this is truly stunning hun! love this stamp. One of my fave of hers.You have done an amazing job. Sure this is your first attempt?

    One thing .. Got over to Mindnightcrafter .. you have some candy!!!! go girl!;)

  3. Wow Pat. It doesn't look like it's out of your confort zone. This is one thing I wanna learn. Got 6hrs recorded demos from C&C with Barbare and do have brayer but I always chicken out lol

  4. Hi Pat

    Your card is lovely, that image is so beautiful. Don't have that one but do have a few others from Barbara.

    I'm thinking hard on the theme this week, there are a few things cratywise that freak me so I need to make my choice and get on with it.

    B x

  5. Wow! I'm very, very impressed! Are you sure it's your first go?! I think you must be a natural with that brayer!

  6. It is a lovely card you must have studied Barbara very closely because this could have been one of hers!

  7. Well done you!! I havn't attemted this technique yet, it looks so difficult to get right, but you've done an amazing job.Of course I have your address! My brain needs a boost I think!
    x Michelle

  8. WOW!! What an absolutely Gorgeous card.. Love it!!
    Hugs, Linda

  9. Your first braying looks really wonderful. Great work.


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