Thursday, 12 March 2009

Tag Card

Morning Everyone, I'm burning the midnight oil again, well actually it might come to that 'cause the lights keep flashing of and on, hope we don't get a power cut.

I've been asked over at CC forum for instruction for the Tag Card that we made with Wendie Rhodes at last years Crafters Companion Craftaganza so I thought I might as well put it on here while I'm on. Hope you can follow it.

Tag Card

You will need 3 sheets of A4 card.
1. Cut 4 x 15cm squares or use the Ultimate line A4 half fold as measurement.
2. Take a piece of A4 card and cut short edge to 15cm or use A4 half fold line on Ultimate as measurement.
3. Starting from short (15cm) edge score at 2cm, then 5cm x4 then 2cm. If using Ultimate place short edge to handle edge of board and score along 1st line then A4 gatefold. Move across and line up again at lst line and score 3 more times at A4 gatefold then butt last scoreline to handle edge and score along first line. Cut away the rest of the card.
4. Make 1st scoreline a valley fold then concertina the rest.
5. Sandwich the 2cm sections between 2 x 15cm squares making front and back of card.
6. Add tags as in pictures.

The decorations up to you!
Off to bedy byes now catch ya soon
Hugs Pat x


  1. Gonna have to try this one ..
    Oh and welcome to the night owls, lol
    the tutorial is play time soon ,lol
    And why can only Kye have a cuddle, and not me , its me thats been a wreck for months,lol

  2. I saw this and wanted to know how to make this! fab tutorial Pat, thanks, gonna have a go at this now!
    Thanks Pat

  3. Fab card Pat and a great tutorial i must have a go at this later.
    Thank you
    Tina xx

  4. Great tutorial, gonna try this one as soon I get some craft time.

  5. Hi Pat
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, just had a look at yours - some lovely creations and great ideas. Will definately try this tag card, looks fab.
    x Michelle

  6. ts is lovely pat, i will have a go and post it on my blog soon

  7. Thanks Pat still have to put the ribbons on mine never got it finished at the extravaganza

  8. Fabulous card! What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Can't wait to see the finished creation!


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