Thursday, 12 March 2009

Off to NEC tomorrow

No cards to post today haven't had a spare minute today. This morning did a bit of painting just touching up paint work in the lounge, well I suppose it's crafting but not the sort I like.
This afternoon had to collect the grandchildren from school and give them their dinner. They certainly keep me on my toes but managed to keep them out of the craft room. I'm just relaxing on the sofa with the laptop now they've gone home. Well I've got to get my strength back ready for the NEC tomorrow. Did want to prepare a list of all my wants but haven't got round to it anyway it's all in my head and there's lots of it.
I'll let you know what I come back with.

Pat xx


  1. Have a fab time .. and go on leave some for us on sunday ,lol

  2. Have a great day Pat don't listen to Von buy the lot lol

  3. so come on Pat... what did ya buy? did ya have fab time? bet ya did! and hope ya got lots n lots of goodies to play with


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