Friday, 6 March 2009

Hi there, Well I've been a good girl today and cleaned out the craft room. Must say it had got in a bit of a mess and even I was scared to go in there. Anyway it's lovely again now and I feel ready for action again. Mind you I probably wont be able to find anything now, well you know how it is. Wonder how long it will take for it to be back to normal, meaning messy, probably after the next session. I'm not too bad when doing the odd card here and there it's when I've got a commision going on it all goes to pot, it's the creative juices that cause the problem.
Booked our tickets for the NEC today and all I've got to do now is make a list of all I hope to get.
Also received all the info for this years Crafters Companion Craftaganza today so I'm getting really excited, only 8 months to go LOL!
Well better say goodnight now, sweet dreams

Pat x

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  1. LOL Pat i know exactly what you mean! i even dared to do that, although.... it still looks kinda a tip, but somehow i manage to work in that! lol
    thanks for the lovely comments about the cards by the way xXx


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