Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year catchup

Surprise Surprise
The wanderer returns again!
I have badly neglected my blog these past few months and have decided that I should get myself back in the saddle.
I'm gonna try and get things up to date so here we go.
Here is a short synopsis of whats been happening since I was last here.
Well at the end of August I fell while hanging my curtains and badly strained the ligaments in my foot. Four months on and I am still walking with a limp and using a stick outdoors. I managed to get to Jayne N's workshop on September 1st thanks to my wonderful son driving me there and back.
In October I went to Jayne's weekend workshop which was fantastic and we had a real good time
November I had a great time at a friends hen night at a Greek restaurant and then attended the wedding which was an experience as the couple are heavy metal fans and entertained us with a Metallica tribute band and rock disco, It was loud!
I went to a Maria Simms workshop in December and it was brilliant. She is such a talented and lovely lady.
My daughter had got me tickets to see Sarah Millican for my birthday in October so we went to see her in December. Unfortunately when I got home John wasn't too well and had to be admitted to hospital. He was home for Christmas and is doing ok  but now has a load of hospital appointments for January.
So there you have it I'm up to date.
Here are a few of the cards that I made for Christmas
I'll pop back tomorrow and share some more cards that I have made since I was last here.
Pat xx