Sunday, 13 February 2011

A lovely award.

I have received this lovely award from my dear friend and blogger Jacqui (Cats Whiskers).
In return for accepting this fabulous award I now have to pass it on to 8 stylish bloggers who I love to visit, leave them a comment  and link the award back to the person who passed it to me.  Then I have to tell you 8 things about myself.
Right then I am going to pass the award to

Now the difficult part thinking of 8 interesting things about myself, well here we go.

1. I am a retired teenager
2. Married to John for 41 years.
3. Mum to 1 daughter, Justine and 1 son, Jonathan.
4. Nan to two wonderful Grandchildren, Jessica 11 and Elliot 7
5. I've been a Cliff Richard fan for 52 years
6. My favourite musical is Les Miserable
7. I love Ice cream and chocolate, well to be honest anything sweet.
8. I can't swim.
Well that's boring old me!
Pat xx


  1. Thnak you so much Pat - that is reallykind of you .. i love popping by your bloy to see your projects .I was given this award last week by someone and did give 8 facts .. so i hope you dont mind if i dont do them again .. but i really appreciate the award
    well done on you getting it too
    Lisa ;)

  2. Thanks for this award Pat is was lovely of you. I visit you blog nearly every day to see what wonderful new projects you have been making.

    Pam xx

  3. Thankyou Pat congratulations
    now to get my thinking cap on will go great with me colour scheme have one for you too once o get it posted will be getting me hands slapped off Linda ouch
    Anne xx


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