Monday, 15 November 2010

A Kind thought.

Pass some KINDNESS

My dear  Blogging friend Ildiko  has passed this fantastic kindness award to me. What a wonderful thought. Thank you so much.

 I would like to pass this Kindness to all my loyal followers who I really appreciate. So please dear friends take this button and pass it on.

 This Kindness award originates from Paulette's blog and the idea is that we pass on the award and then go to Paulettes blog and tell her who we passed it to. That way we can see how much Kindness is going around and also Paulette will be adding freebies to her blog.

Pat xx


  1. What a lovely thing to

  2. Hi Pat

    Bag blogger here, can only apologise I've missed some posts, just not enough hours at the mo.

    Well done on the award.

    B x


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