Monday, 26 October 2009

Happy Mondays?

Hi there, well I thought I'd just pop on here while I'm waiting for an ambulance to take John into Hospital. It's better than twiddleing my thumbs. He's been poorly since Thursday but got considerably worse by yesterday. I checked the leaflet that came with the antibiotics he was given and it said you shouldn't take if you have a disease of the nervous system, well John has MS which affects the nervous system. Contacted NHS direct who got the out of hours doctor to phone and he said to stop the medication right away. Upshot is our own doctor came out today, that's a novelty in itself, and decided the best thing was to get him checked out at the hospital. So hopefully we'll get to the bottom of what is wrong and have him home quickly.
I've felt like a spare part all morning waiting for the doc and feeling helpless. Decided I'd cut out some snowflakes on the Cuttlebug so who knows I may get some chrissie cards done sometime soon, funny aren't I?
Sorry I haven't come on with some fantastic creation or some cheerful and interesting conversation but hopefully I'll be back in action soon.
Love, Pat xx

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  1. Oh Pat! I do hope he gets sorted out soon! Fingers (and toes) crossed!!
    Love and hugs,
    Teri xx


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