Thursday, 11 June 2009

Just a quick hello

Hi there, sorry I've no creations to post today. I have been busy though and will let you see what I've been up to next week.

Well I've had a great week for bargains and I do love a bargain. Firstly I bought a Kaliko top reduced from £49.99 to £9.99 minus VAT reduction, I shall be wearing it tonight when I go out with my old workmates. no, no they're not that old (just incase they check out this post) they are mates I used to work with. Then yesterday I got some craft stuff half price. 9 bottles of glitter glue for £4.50, some Perfect pearls £8.50 and 3 rubber stamps 49p each. whoo hoo! Today it was clothes again. I got 3 hooded tops £2 each and a gorgeous chiffony type top £8. Poor John got nothing, well I did ask him if he wanted anything and he said no,so I don't feel guilty.

Congratulations to Yvonne for winning Jacqui's mini candy, a WOJ Womens Delight stamp which are released on 14th. If you've not seen them yet check out Jackie or Bevs blog for a sneak preview. They are gorgeous.
Well better go and sort some dinner out for John before I go out with the girls. Don't worry I wont drink too much as I'm driving, shame.
Hugs, Pat xx


  1. Hi Pat, sounds like youve been on a right ol shoppin trip and bagged some bargains! nice one.
    hope your well?
    take care

  2. Well at least show us the stamps an schtuff ya bought like holding out on us or what. Glad ya had fun shopping.


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