Friday, 26 June 2009

Fancied a change

Hi there, well I hope you like the changes I've made, thought I would like a different layout , less fussy and a bigger area for the posts. I will probably tweek it a bit more as I go. No cards today but hopefully I'll have a something to show you tomorrow when I've made my creation for the Just Magnolia challenge.
Better get off to bed now but how much sleep I'll get I don't know as the old joints are paining me today and the painkillers don't seem to have worked.
Well goodnight catch you tomorrow.
Love Pat xx


  1. Well not to bad. I like the new look and of course waiting to see your new creations. Hope the joints got well rested for today. Be blessed.

  2. will be the human barometer in you Pat been a dull wet day here today will have to check back more often for a weather report lol Hope your feeling better now love the new look
    Anne xx

  3. ooh this is better... more room to spread out! it looks fab Pat
    Hope your feeling better?
    take care


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