Friday, 19 June 2009

I am still here

Thought I'd better pop on and let you know that I am still around. I haven't gone off to the Seychelles or anything like that, unfortuately, just been busy,busy,busy. Today I've been tidying and reorganising the craft room as it was in such a mess. I am a very messy, no I should say untidy crafter but now I've got it sorted I can start all over again, if I can find anything that is.
Well better go and sort out something for dinner, might catch you later.
Hugs, Pat xx

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  1. Seychelles... i wish, coz id have been on that plane with you! glad your back, ive missed you! cant wait to see all the 'creations' only a few days to go now! ;-)
    take care hun


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