Saturday, 18 April 2009

We are Premier League

Sorry but I just had to announce that Wolves are now promoted to the Premier League, oh for those of you who don't follow it's Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Team. My son who is a season ticket holder is jumping for joy and will certainly be celebrating tonight, sore head tomorrow me thinks. He is delighted because the last time they got promoted he was on an expedition in the Amazon Rainforest and had to rely on his worldband radio and the jungle drums to find out.
It'll be party time in Wolverhampton tonight!
Anyway that said hope you all have a great weekend and hope you've got the lovely sunshine as we have here.
Love, Pat xx

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  1. Hi Pat,

    WHEY HEY!!!!, my hubby has been dancing round the living room and jumping up and down with the kids. All the males (am some of the women) in my family are huge Wolves fans. We are off out with the family tonight and will be celebrating,the kids are wearing their team shirts. Unfortunately hubby is a work on nights so I will have to celebrate for him lol!!
    At least it hasn't cost me loads of money this time, last time when they went up hubby went to Cardiff and cost us a bomb for the tickets.
    Lyndsey xx


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