Thursday, 23 April 2009

Passing the award to.......

Well I'm back to pass on the lovely award I got from Yvonne. Now this is a job I hate because I find it so difficult to decide who to pass it on to. So I've decided because I hate leaving people out that I will pass it on to everyone who follows my blog and leaves me kind comments. So ladies, oh sorry & men if any follow my blog (don't think so) please take the award and display it with pride because I think you are all fantastic and deserve it and thank you for visiting my blog.
Big hugs, Pat xx


  1. Pat Paul at Crafty Blogocks follows your blog 'cos that's how I found you (I think)!

  2. WOW Pat thankyou so much chuffed to bits thats lovely my second award. I have only been blogging a few months how addictive!!
    Thanks so much

    Hugs Di xxx


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