Friday, 10 April 2009

I'm back

Well I never did get back with that Colour Create challenge card did I? To say I've had a hectic few days is putting it mildly. Jonathan went off OK on Tuesday although he did have me sorting things out for him, as usual. Justine's move was somewhat more hectic with 11 years of clutter to deal with. Anyway it's done now and I've come to the conclusion that I'll see my time out here as I really don't think I could cope with moving. I thought I would be back crafting yesterday but boy was I wrong. Justine was getting ready for work and went into the conservatory to get her shoes and caught the ball of her foot on the carpet door bar cutting her foot quite badly. Now earlier in the morning she had dropped her mobile phone down the toilet and broken it and their landland wasn't connected so she couldn't phone for help. She had to hobble round to the neighbours dripping blood and she took her to the hospital where they glued it together. What a way to get to know your new neighbour! Are you sniggering? Well if you're not I certainly am LOL! I spent the rest of the day and this morning running her and the kids about because she can't drive for a few days.
Anyway I'm back now and raring to go, if nothing else goes wrong that is.
Well hope you all have a Happy Easter with plenty of yummy chocolate.

Love Pat xx


  1. Hectic .. thats not the word .lol

    Oh bless , well at least she knows her neighbours now ,lol.
    lets hope you can get back to """normal"" now .. and get some much needed craft done.

    And wishing you a wonderful Easter. hope its quieter for you ,lol

  2. Oh flippety flip Pat.We've just been doing a panic 'cos DH got an e-mail about a password reset-turns out he probably got something years ago and when he bought this morning what we thought was new...wasn't. He was shaking like a leaf. Must say they were v. ubderstanding when I phoned and told them he was hard of hearing and handed them over to him...All is calm now and a bit "normal"XXX

  3. Oh Pat, i hope Justine is on the mend soon you deserve a rest now after the last few days you have had.
    Happy Easter.
    Tina xx


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