Friday, 9 January 2015

Pop out Box tutorial

Well I decided that I would set up a page for tutorials but unfortunately it doesn't work as I would like so change of plan. I will label the posts as tutorials and add links to the Tutorial page. It's been a while since I "messed about" on blogger and things have changed!

Well here is the Pop out Box
These measurements create a card that will fit a 5" x 7" envelope.
You can change the measurements to suit your project.
Cut a piece of card measuring 26cm x 18cm. Score across the long side at 2cm, 8cm, 14cm, 20cm. Turn card clockwise and score down the  middle (9cm) to the 20cm scoreline.

Cut away the top 2cm panel (shaded) and cut down the lines of the top sections to the middle scoreline (solid lines)

Fold the scorelines to create the box sticking the 2cm panel to the inside of the back  panel

The box will fold flat to go in the envelope

Cut 2 strips of card 8cm (6cm plus 1cm each end to attach to inside of box). Attach flowers and embellishments to these strips to decorate. Cover the panels of the box with papers and decoration of your choice.
Here is  an example

You can create these boxes to various sizes just adjust the sizes of the panels
Here are a couple more using different measurements

I love making these boxes and hope you will too.
Pat xx


  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial Pat, I've been wanting to try one of these boxes for ages.

    B x

  2. Beautiful boxes Pat - Thanks for the tute!

  3. Lovely box and also the previous cards. Have not been around too much lately as have been very busy and also travelling. Sorry to hear of all you problems over Christmas and hope that everyone is well now. Hopefully will catch up with you this year. Have a good New Year.
    Hugs Elaine xx


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