Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy 2015!!

Well that's it Christmas is well and truly over and 2015 well underway. I would like to say we had a good Christmas and New Year celebrations but unfortunately both were blighted by ill health. We all came down with the awful cough & cold that's been doing the rounds. Then Christmas Day saw my Son in Law admitted to hospital due to dangerously high blood sugar levels, he's type 1 diabetic. Pleased to say it's  now under control. Then my poor hubby John was admitted to hospital New Years Eve and has pneumonia. Hopefully he will soon be back home once the intravenous antibiotics have done their job.
Anyway in the meantime I'm catching up on a few things inbetween hospital visits. Hence I'm here blogging which has been a rare occurance lately.
Her is a selection on Christmas cards I made.
Pop up box card with parchment flowers using Jayne Nestorenko stamp, Sue Wilson leaves die and Cloe holly leaves die
 Two using Serif Craft Artist
Using Jayne Nestorenko stamps

Anniversary card for my husband
Well that's about it for now, just hoping 2015 does improve.

Pat xxx


  1. Oh dear me Pat, I am so sorry to read of all the health problems over the holiday season. So many have this awful virus and several in our family not so good either, but it will have been worse for your poor hubby with our rotten immune deficiencies, I wish him a speedy recover.

    Loving your pop up box, I am yet to attempt one of these and lovely selection of Christmas cards.

    Here's to a much healthier 2015.

    B x

  2. Hi Pat
    So sorry to hear you've had such a rough time. Hope things sort themselves out soon. Loving your cards but especially the box. I've not been crafting for a while so not had a go making one. Ready to get stuck in though. Much love for the new year
    X Michelle


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