Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Today's the day!

Well if you've liked what you've seen over the last week today's the day that you can get your hands on Jayne's gorgeous new "Grand Journeys" stamps that are only available from Jayne's new Website.
I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting Jayne's website as not only is there the new shop, there's a newsletter, gallery,a fabulous project, workshop news and even a new blog which will be run by Jacqui Dennis.
Jenny Pattison will be looking after the project side of things for Jayne and here is a card created by Jenny

Lovely isn't it?

Now here's another of my creations.

Hope you enjoy your visit to Jayne and go on treat yourself, you know you want to!!

Pat xx


  1. These are gorgeous creations Pat, fabulous colouring.

    Jo x

  2. Hi Pat gorgeous creations, these stamps are lovely and different for Jayne, I have bought two of them this morning, who could resist.

    Hugs Julie x

  3. wow they are all so beautiful
    Lisa x

  4. Yes Julie the are irrisistable and I hope you have fun using them. Thank you Jo Julie & Lisa xx

  5. Sorry to be so late arriving here Pat, been one of those weeks where I get nowhere fast.

    Love both of these, the hanging one is great but I have to go with the first, it was only two weeks ago when we had lunch right next to Rialto, but seems like ages.

    B x


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