Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A request for help from Michelle

Hi Peeps, I'm hoping that you will be able to help my friend Michelle with her battle with Social Services. Please read what Michelle has to tell us and I'm sure you will decide to help her out with this totally unsatisfactory situation. Thank you.
AN IMPORTANT REQUEST FOR HELP!  This is a photo of my lovely son Liam on his wedding day. Doesn't he look proud?  Unfortunately his dream of living happily with his wife has been shattered because Social Services have not done their job properly. Because they both have Down's Syndrome, Social Services should have carried out reviews when he got engaged in November 2009 then again when they got married in Sept 2010. It is now almost a year since Liam and Fizz got married and the review still has not been carried out. This means that Liam only has care workers helping him 3 days a week.  The rest of the week he has no one to support him.

He has recently bought chicken and left it on the side for two days because his fridge was full, then under cooked it ready to eat and more seriously has been hospitalized needing emergency surgery because he and his wife didn't recognize the dangers of leaving three abscess untreated. He got septicemia and needed IV antibiotics!

Social Services now say that the only way to ensure his safety is to remove him from his wife and his home because the recent review they carried out indicated he should be able to manage with less support than he currently has.

Can you imagine what his happy face will look like if this is allowed to continue.

It would make Liam So HAPPY if you would HELP!


Put this post as your blog or facebook status for as long as you can asking all your friends to help, and spare a few minutes of your time sending an email to the Director of Adult Services who is responsible for Liam's Heartache.  

Make the subject - Liam Adams
and leave a brief note - maybe 'This situation is unacceptable'.  The objective is just to have him inundated with email about this so he recognises that it needs immediate action and cannot wait until they carry out yet another review!

His email address is you could also copy in his boss

Cummon Guys, lets see if we can make this go global!

Thanks so Much
x Michelle

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