Thursday, 28 January 2010

Quick hello.

No card to post today although I have almost completed one today for a 90th birthday. Will post a pic tomorrow if I manage to get time.
Well the wet room alterations are well underway. Thought we had left the very dusty part behind and had cleared most of the mess away. How wrong was I? Today the door and frame had to be removed and because it wasn't square demolition derby started again. To be honest there seemed more dust today than there was when they busted up the floor. Anyway I got it cleared and mopped the kitchen floor but left the bucket in there and forgot about it. Upshot is John went into the kitchen without putting the light on and yes you've got it, knocked over the bucket. Water water everywhere, what a ****** mess. So the floor is well and truly clean now!

Must go as the battery on this laptop is low so I'd bettter plug it in. See you tomorrow.
Love Pat xx

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