Friday, 22 January 2010

Quick catchup.

Hi everyone, just a quick post to apologise for not being around the last few days. I'm busy with work behind the scenes as it were but I've even been struggling to get that done. I have been struggling big time this week with aching joints and back and everything has been a real struggle. Bit better today though so perhaps I'll be skipping about tomorrow!! Please don't think I'm looking for sympathy and windging, just wanted to explain my absence and apologise for being a bad blogger.
On a happier note we've had some good news that the new wet room for hubby John is going to be started on Monday. We'll be in a bit of a mess for a couple of weeks but it will be worth it in the end.
Well better get back to it,
Take care all,
Hugs, Pat xx


  1. Hi Pat, sorry have been on to comment, your cards were fabulous for the popcorn launch, hmmm I wonder if your busy with what Im busy with?, Hope you feel better soo, its been very damp and cold not good for joints!.

  2. Pat you never moan hun. Did wonder why had not seen you around hun.
    But great news for the wet room.. make sure you have enough tea in , lol and make sure THEY clean up after too.

  3. Pat I am sorry that you have been struggling this week, I think this weather is just not helping, I too have been fuzzy and in much pain this week.....roll on the Spring and Summer for some relief...hope you are feeling better, my dear friend. take good care of yourself...Hugs Avril xxx


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