Monday, 23 November 2009

Back again

Firstly apologies for not getting back on here yesterday as I'd said but better late than never.
Well this first pic is the fantastic Jayne Nestorenko and my good frined Dot Crackles, don't you just love that name?This pic was taken in Jayne's workshop too and left to right my friends are the award winning Carol, Jacqui, Tina and Maggie.

Here we all are having dinner before all the frivolity of the evenings entertainment. You might spot Kay who demonstrates for Sakura and also the teller of the dirty jokes.

Thanks for visiting and I'll see you soon.

Love, Pat xx


  1. Hi Pat, luv the photo sorry we didn't get to say bye bye on Sat Jenny was in a hurry to set off before it got too dark.

    It was a bit of a shock 2 c meself in print so 2 speak.. It was a wonderful 3 days wasn't it i enjoyed it so much.

    Well I hope 2 c u again next year (if they don't decide 2 split us up)
    Luv u a lot Dot XXX

  2. Fab photo's Pat whats the terrible trio thinking up on the second one or where they choking for a ciggie
    love the last one caught Tina hogging the bottle again i see lol
    Anne xx

  3. LOL, love them , thanks so much Pat


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