Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Good and bad news

Well 2016 has started out with bad news for us as we have lost two dear friends. John and I met through a love of football in 1968. He supported West Ham and lived in London and I supported Wolves and lived in Walsall. Sadly his best mate and fellow West Ham supporter who was responsible for our getting together passed away just after New Year. Then on Monday we heard that an ex work colleague of mine and Mother of our next door neighbour had passed away too.  Two lovely people who will be deeply missed.

On a brighter note here is an art journal page that I created over the weekend.  I am never too sure where I am going when I start out but gradually things come together and I am very happy with the end result. That's what I love that you can lose yourself in the project.  I am still learning but enjoying the journey.

I am compiling this post using my new laptop. This is a replacement for one I bought on New Years day which was faulty. So fingers crossed that this one is ok. So far so good.

Here's hoping that the bad news is all out of the way. Well we do have something to look forward to in June a new addition to our family for my son and his lovely wife. Excited muchly!

Pat xx


  1. These things always seem worse over the holiday period Pat, I lost an Aunt just before Christmas and hubby's sister just after.

    Loving your inky journal page.

    B x

    1. Thank you Brenda, I do hope you are feeling better and sorry for your families bereavements xx


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