Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas workshop

I have a Christmas flower arrangement to share with you today.
My daughter Justine and myself went to a workshop run by a local florist The Flower Shop in Codsall on Wednesday evening.
I've never attempted flower arranging before, more the bung 'em in the vase technique!
Anyway we thoroughly enjoyed it and here is my finished piece.

Not the greatest picture but the light was rubbish yesterday and the photographer's not much better.
Anyway what do you think? I'm pleased with it for my  first attempt. Just shows you how talented the ladies from the shop are as the design is down to them we just followed along.
We also made a Christmas wreath for the front door. I'm still adding some finishing touches to that but I am pleased with it.
Yet another craft I'm dabbling in. I have lost count of how many craft techniques I've given a go over the years. As they say "Jack of all trades, master of non" well that's me. 

Thank you for visiting me today and I hoope you all have a great day.
Pat xx


  1. oh wow its fabulous Pat - i used to go to flower arranging classes.. every week for about 5 years ... i used to love it
    Lisa x

  2. Wow this is so gorgeous Pat! You've done really well. Waiting for picture of wreath!
    Hugs xx

  3. Oooh that is a very nice arrangement


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