Saturday, 8 November 2008

Vintage Times CD's

Hi I'm back again, whats going on? I seem to be ahead of myself today, I've even managed to get all the ironing done and make a card for my brother in law. Just thought I'd upload some piccies of some card samples I did for Sara's new CD's Vintage Times. If you like Vintage you'll love these CD's.
The card with the teabag on the front has a detachable book mark. I got a new trimmer and it had a perforating blade so I just had to use it. How many paper trimmers does a girl need? Loads is my answer. Actually the trimmers and the ribbon are taking over my craft room.
Well must go and try to tidy the craft room after my earlier card making session. I only seem to get inspiration if I get in a mess.
Back soon (maybe!)

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  1. Lovely cards - I was looking for card making inspiration and came across your blog, you've made some beautiful cards.


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